3 Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs

December 23, 2020

Your furniture is more than just a piece where you can sit on, lie on, or hold your belongings. For example, living room chairs can serve as a special spot where you and your family can celebrate special occasions or watch movies together.
Each piece is special and more significant to your life than you think, which is why you should invest in high-quality furniture that will last.
Design and quality are highly regarded in furniture, and both are found in Italian designed products. Ten percent of all furniture manufactured in the world is Italian! Take this opportunity to learn more about Italian Designed furniture and consider the interior design possibilities for your own space!

What is Italian Design?

Italian design has simple shapes that connect with various styles. Traditional Italian designs usually have high-quality details and the finest craftsmanship. Their designs typically contain natural materials such as marble and wood. More modern Italian designs, on the other hand, lean more towards a minimalist design using clean lines and curvy lines.

What Makes Italian Furniture Unique?

Italian furniture is known for its sophisticated structure that uses only the highest quality materials. While it tends to cost more than furniture designed in other countries, you are assured that each piece is well-crafted and can stand the test of time.
Regardless of whether you are buying a piece of Italian furniture from the traditional era or the
modern era, you don’t have to worry about it looking out of place or failing to match the look and
feel of your sophisticated home. That is because it exudes a timeless design and also looks
like a work of art. After all, Italy is where the Renaissance began!

Why Should You Furnish Your Home with Italian Furniture?

Buying inexpensive furniture lets you save money for a while, but you will need to replace your furniture since the quality deteriorates over time. Investing in Italian furniture ensures that it will last you years and you can entrust your Italian furniture to your children. That is because Italian furniture is made of high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship. New fabric covers can be ordered from most Italian manufacturers, so you can easily replace faded or worn fabric covers for your sofas and lounge chairs.

Besides quality and aesthetic appeal, Italian furniture adds character and functionality to your home that will surely leave an impression on your guests and your family. Whether you are planning to purchase a new king-size bed or a sofa consider Italian-made furnishings rather than mass-produced pieces.

Buy High-End Italian Furniture in Vancouver

Furniture adds beauty and brings comfort to your house. Purchasing luxury pieces that are designed in Italy lets you appreciate the skilled craftsmanship of passionate furniture designers.

Here at Poliform Vancouver, we offer high-end luxury Italian furniture in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Explore our catalogs on our website today.


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