3 Most Popular Interior Design Styles For Your Home

January 6, 2021

If you’re on your way to building your custom dream home, or perhaps simply wish to remodel your home, the excitement is undeniable. The process, however, will come with an array of design decisions of which can quickly become overwhelming. Confusion and mistakes can quickly happen with so many options available, especially when it comes to interior design.

While it’s always recommended to follow your tastes and preferences, a little knowledge goes a long way. Popular interior designs are well-known for a reason—they’re appealing and uniquely their own, with resounding characteristics that can make your home unique.

To help you fully grasp the elements of the best interior designs, we’ve gathered this quick and easy guide to follow, done with the help of our Italian designers. In time, you’ll learn to create and refine a style entirely your own, with reflections of interior designs people all over the world adore:

Style #1: Art Deco

Art Deco may seem like a recently developed style, but it’s an iconic 20th century classic from the French. It essentially depicts the use of items that are art pieces, used as decorations that tastefully adorn the living spaces. Adopting an art deco style means embracing various styles mixed, stylized, and graduated in motifs that blend well with the entire space.

You’ll want to incorporate special pieces of bursting colours, expensive woodwork, and even jade stones and marble that scream statement. You’ll also want to add some metalwork, with curved and angular pieces of black, white, and gold. To help you get started, the i-modulART pieces by Presotto offer the most unique pieces, all of which can be customized according to need, vision, and creativity bubble.

Style #2: Cozy Country

Social media currently glorifies the beloved country homes, which are heavily influenced by provincial European interior styles, such as cottages. This design is characterized by loose linen and patterns, as well as other rustic elements that remind you of fairytale books. You’ll want to invest in huge furniture, raw wood, and high beams, which should be limed and distressed for a more authentic look.

Investing in a few key antique pieces can also help elevate your spaces, but a touch of modernity is always welcome. Create contrasts by making use of glass materials, such as sculpted glass lamps and perhaps even marble countertops for a wow factor.

Style #3: Color Me Eclectic

If you identify with creativity and innovation, Eclectic is an interior design style you’ll want to invest in. It’s essentially using a little bit of all styles, brewed in one pot of magic that will leave your guests in awe. This style is all about juxtaposition and combinations, pulling from classic, minimalism, maximalism, brutalism, and every other interior design you can imagine!

Colour also plays a crucial role in highlighting the personality, as with various collections and trinkets that do not match. Make sure to construct clean lines with details, such as bookshelves with tiny vintage sculptures and perhaps a metal art piece next to a cozy sofa.

Interior Designs Done By The Best In Canada

Whether you wish to embody the simplicity of country homes or perhaps wish to express your taste in eclectic styles, all it takes is a careful analysis and a thorough understanding of each style. A little knowledge can go a long way, and with this guide, you’ll be able to inject your unique tastes and create a style blend that will fully embody your needs and preferences. That said, never be afraid to break the rules!

If you’re ready for a total transformation, allow our Italian designers to help. Habitat by Aeon offers you Vancouver luxury furniture pieces, all guaranteed to help you bring your dream spaces to life. Our experts can also help assist with not only furniture choices but entire design layouts from brainstorming up to the implementation. The best part? We make sure you end up with high-end designs—schedule a discussion with us today to learn more!


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