3 Tips for Improving Your Home’s Lighting

March 3, 2021

Lighting is one of the most critical features of a home, as it immediately affects the area’s atmosphere and appearance. Whether daytime or nighttime, your eyes instantly adjust to the lighting in a home, making it appear warm and inviting or hostile and cold. As such, even if you have picked out the most stylish décor and color palette to make your guests feel at home, the wrong lighting can quickly upend your intended design! 

Beyond its utility, modern lighting is also emerging as an interior design trend in Vancouver since it influences the home’s ambiance. Unfortunately, many people tend to overlook the value of lighting, which is crucial for creating a stunningly designed room that either infuses you with energy or calms your mind enough to wind down and fall asleep. 

Here are three tips for improving your home’s lighting:

1. Think About the Features You Want to Highlight

Many homeowners make the mistake of assigning the only function to lights, making them illuminate the entire space. Although your room must be well-lit, lighting can do more than making it easier to navigate the area.  

Your home is full of unique features that you may want to consider highlighting with the help of strategic lighting. If you wish to spotlight specific furniture, some design elements, or even a  work area, you can use directional lighting to create a relaxing quality to the room.

Lighting is also useful for entryways, which you can emphasize with creative fixtures. It also adds more visual depth to a room while directing a person’s focus to spacious areas. With modern, targeted lighting, you will instantly uplift the style and design of your home.

2. Consider the Room’s Purpose

Another tip to consider when placing lighting in your home is to consider the entire room’s purpose. Without the correct lighting, a space becomes almost unusable since it will be more difficult to see adequately. While it is perfectly fine to have rooms in your house designated to have a more intimate, dimly-lit feel, spaces that will be heavily used must be properly lighted.

For instance, your luxury kitchen, office, and living room should have enough lighting to make them functional. These areas work best with abundant natural light, which is innately invigorating. They must always be pleasing to the eye and work harmoniously with natural light to keep an area bright enough to perform different tasks, especially when the sun goes down. 

3. Match Your Home’s Lighting With Your Colour Palette

You have put a lot of thought into your home’s color palette, so it only makes sense to highlight the hues and tones you have chosen to their most flattering angles. Rooms with warm, golden tones must have yellow lighting to retain that inviting effect. This also applies to rooms with blue,  cooler tones, where white lighting shines best.

With strategic placement of lighting, you can promote the natural, friendly atmosphere that these rooms often emit through hidden light fixtures or even lamp-style lighting. On the other hand,  you can use dim lighting in darker-toned rooms, providing enough visibility to navigate these color schemes.  

Modern Lighting for Your Luxury Home in Vancouver 

Carefully planned lighting is a growing trend that many homeowners are participating in, thanks to its incredible ability to enhance a home’s appearance. They have the unique combination of form and function by illuminating your home, making it more visible, while emphasizing your aesthetic choices. By working light fixtures into your home’s interior design, your home will achieve the ultimate luxury look.  

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