4 Tips on Achieving the Modern Italian Bathroom Look

March 24, 2021

The world has long recognized the inherent ingenuity of Italian influence in gastronomy, fashion, and luxury. This unique culture filled with a lot of passion and keen attention to detail has even made its way into designing homes with timeless elegance. So when it comes to modern Italian bathroom design, it is no surprise that Italian-inspired designs take the cake with their simplicity and sheer indulgence.

A complete redesign of your bathroom using Italian-inspired aesthetics is surely the best way to make a statement. However, that does not mean you cannot do a few tweaks of your own on a smaller scale. Habitat by Aeon has compiled a few tips on how you can add a touch of Tuscany in the bathroom.

1. Match Existing Styles in Your Bathroom

By adding Italian décor and accessories to your bathroom, you can give it a fresh, clean, and crisp look. A minimalist vanity or a simple but elegant formed basin can change the overall look and feel of your bath.

2. Consider Adding Some New Paintwork

Colour plays a vital role in making your bathroom design blend well with everything else in it. You can add some brown, terra cotta, or creamy yellow to your color scheme to give you that feeling of warmth within the space. A touch of yellow, set to the backdrop for Tuscan-style accessories, also works great!

3. Get a Hold of Some Cut-Glass Containers

Traditional Italian design is all about the effective use of glass. Think of traditional cruets and canisters that give a nice touch to open shelving and bathroom wall cabinets. These are great storage options for bath oils and salts.

4. Incorporate the Use of Iron and Metalwork in Your Design

If there is one accent that truly defines traditional Italian décor, metal would be the first thing that comes to mind. While glass is great for giving that overall Italian feel, metal is the perfect accent to go with it.


Those are just four tips you can use to give your bathroom a more Italian-inspired look. Those little tweaks are enough to give it a hint of Tuscany, but employing them altogether is sure to make a huge impact on the overall look and design of your bathroom. At the end of the day, however, nothing still beats hiring the expertise of Italian design experts for your project.

If quality Italian design is what you want for your home, then Habitat by Aeon is the one to call. Our professional and highly experienced team will lend their expertise and knowledge to create a design that will satisfy your needs. Together with our world-class partners, we will take on any challenge and project of any size. Contact us today to get started!

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