5 Design Tips That Create a Luxurious Hotel Ambience

October 20, 2021

Interior design gives a space character; nowhere is this more important than in the hospitality industry. Innovative and lavish surroundings keep guests in a holiday mindset and encourage them to relax and indulge. If you are looking for ways to enhance your hotel design, here are five design ideas you can explore.

Incorporate Organic Elements

Recently, biophilia has become trendy in luxury hotels. Since many travelers are looking for venues that let them escape the stresses of the city, including greenery in hotel interiors is an affordable yet stylish way to decorate a space.

You can start with living walls—also known as eco walls, these vertical gardens can create a nice contrast to industrial or contemporary elements. If you want a low-maintenance option, use artificial greenery instead of plants. Doing this eliminates the need for sunlight or water.

Terrariums, hanging or potted plants, organic elements like seashells, and floral arrangements are other natural elements you can include in your hotel layout. Opt for dracaena, birds of paradise, and banana trees to create a lavish look. For contemporary builds, designers can opt for modern lighting that references organic shapes like plants.

Upholster Panels or Walls

Upholstery makes things look cozier, making them perfect for rooms, bars, and lobbies. Depending on the budget, you can wrap a single wall, a panel, or an entire room in upholstery. Another benefit of upholstery is it minimizes noise. Upholstered walls, sofas, and headboards mute the sound, reduce voice echo and create an intimate and relaxed experience for anyone staying in the hotel.

Create Drama with Dark Colors

One of the easiest ways to transform a space is by giving its walls a fresh coat of paint. Pairing dark hues like charcoal gray, midnight blue, or chocolate brown with metal fixtures creates a polished look—you often see this combination in hotel restaurants or lobbies.

Dark paint also creates a cozy atmosphere and moments of drama. For example, painting ceiling beams, mouldings, baseboards, and doors in a glossy dark hue gives the space a glamorous edge.

Invest in Quality Furniture

Perceptive consumers know quality when they see it, and they can immediately spot top-quality furnishings in establishments. When you know you’re catering to a particular type of patron, you must know how to provide the comfort level they’re used to having. Good quality furniture won’t be a wasteful purchase since you’ll get plenty of years from a well-made piece.

Create a Spa Experience

For many vacationers, hotel bathrooms have become synonymous with opulence, with their spacious tubs, high-end amenities, and unparalleled views. Visitors have come to expect marble surfaces, ceramic backsplashes, and high gloss floors in hotel bathrooms.

You can add chic details like vintage fixtures or wall art to this space; larger pieces like upholstered sofas, large plants, and full-length mirrors give it character. Finally, details like rain showerheads and heated floors give visitors a spa experience right in their rooms.


Many travelers are fine with spartan accommodations with just the basics. For some people, though, going on a holiday means going all out and splurging. Visitors who love their creature comforts would prefer well-appointed rooms and a high-quality experience, and hotel designers must know how to deliver that to all their guests.

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