5 Ways to Infuse Your Home With Italian Design

February 2, 2021

Italy is famous for many different things: its gorgeous scenery, illustrious history, stunning architecture, fashion, and it’s delicious food. Italian interior design has always been sought-after, thanks to the unique mix of earthy tones, ornate textures, and simple shapes. Whether you prefer classic old-world design or the elegant, clean, and minimalist look, Italian design never fails to elevate a home.

If you have been thinking of refreshing your home’s interior design, you may be considering incorporating Italian influences into it. Here are five ways to achieve a luxurious, high-end Italian look for your home:

1. Use a Neutral Colour Palette

Italians are a colourful people, but they tend to favour neutral hues in their homes. One of the most popular colours they love to use is a combination of grey and light beige, also known as greige. It illuminates your walls with a warm light while making it versatile enough to work with other accents and colours. Be sure to complement these colours with golden yellows, rustic reds, deep purples, tasteful greens like olive or emerald, and Mediterranean blues. With these colours, your home will be unmistakably Italian.

2. Add a Mural

Murals are quintessentially an Italian feature, in today’s design world we can achieve this look from muraled wallpapers. Murals are an excellent way to give your living space a unique focal point while paying homage to the country you have taken design inspiration from.

3. Add Ceramic Tiles to Your Bathrooms and Kitchen

Another classic Italian design staple is ceramic tiles, which ties a room together. Decorative tiles that portray a scene or an ornate design provide beautiful backsplashes, making your home look authentically Italian. If you aim for a modern Italian look, use Italian marble to achieve an Italian kitchen; if you prefer a more traditional look, terracotta tiles will add a breathtaking rustic touch without taking away any elegance. You can also opt for neutral-toned ceramic tiles, adding more warmth to the room.

4. Opt for Italian-Style Light

When shopping for modern lighting in Vancouver think about layering your lighting, highlighting all areas of a room. Italian design combines tabletop lighting, suspension, wall sconces, and ceiling lighting for a soft yet illuminating ambience to your room.

5. Install Wine Racks or Wine refrigerators

In the homes and restaurants of Italy the only beverages served during lunch and dinner are wine,(red, white, rose, or Prosecco) and water (carbonated and still). Wine is an integral part of the Italian culture and storing wine is an important part of preserving the wine. Adding a wine rack or wine refrigerator to your dining or kitchen is an elegant way to honour Italian design. If your wine collection is small, a countertop wine rack is ideal for wines that are enjoyed daily. If your wine collection is extensive choosing a frigerated solution will keep your wine safe. Both options will add a beautiful design feature to your home.


Italian design will always be popular, making it an ideal choice for luxury and high-end homes. Simple, elegant, yet stylish, furnishing your home with neutral colour palettes, Italian decorative tiles, and other distinctly Italian features will instantly elevate your living space. By carrying out these five design tips, you will achieve a gorgeous Italian look for your home.

Habitat by Aeon manages design and installation projects for residential, multi-family, condominium, and hospitality properties. Our Italian designers work with our customers to create designs tailor-made to their tastes and specifications. Please visit us at Habitat Aeon Vancouver or browse our website online to see all our offerings. We would also be more than happy to talk to you about the Italian design possibilities we can explore for your home.

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