6 Bathroom Lighting Types and How they Fit Your Home

February 23, 2022

The bathroom is one of the few rooms in the home that needs to be well-lit. From applying makeup to fixing your hair to bathing to checking out how you look, crisp and accurate lighting is always a must.

Adequate bathroom lighting usually consists of three or four different lights working together. Since there is no single, universal type of bathroom lighting that addresses all needs, a combination of three or four lights usually provides the best lighting system.

1. Wall Sconce Lights

Wall sconces are the most traditional way to light a bathroom. They are usually installed directly on the walls but can be installed on the ceiling. Some even include track lighting, which slides up and down. It is the most efficient way to light a bathroom. Because of the fluorescent bulbs, these types of lights have a minimal colour spectrum, resulting in white light. The advantage of these lights is that they produce a lot of light without being too obtrusive.

2. Semi-Flush Mount Lights

The semi-flush mounted light is the most popular choice for bathroom lighting. It provides task lighting. It provides lighting that is like daylight, and the light is soft, making it easier on the eyes. It is also possible to install a dimmer switch to adjust various light levels.

3. Bathroom Vanity Lights

Vanity lights are mounted over the mirror. They produce task lighting and are helpful for makeup application. These lights can also be integrated with a dimmer for different moods. Vanity lights provide a good amount of light but do not provide as much illumination for tasks as the sconce lights.

4. Recessed Ceiling Lights

While the range of lights is limited, the benefits of recessed ceiling lights are many. They give the room more light than any other type of light. However, they can be challenging to install, and they can decrease the ceiling height in the bathroom.

5. Bathroom Ceiling Light Fixtures

The ceiling light is the most basic form of bathroom lighting. It is round or square-shaped. But the brightness and the light reflecting off the ceiling distort the colours in the bathroom.

6. Bathroom Chandeliers

Chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes, and it is possible to find practical and functional ones. However, some bathrooms can be too small for chandeliers, and the light fixture can be too bulky for the space.

The Wrap

Choosing the proper bathroom lighting is crucial in planning the look and functionality of your bathroom. Since there are various bathroom lights, take your time to select the ones you like and those you need.

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