6 Ways to Elevate Your Living Room Using Light Fixtures

December 8, 2021

Great interior design is about how one manipulates the space and creates a practical yet  aesthetically pleasing creation. With modern tastes and innovations, modern lighting has  become even more instrumental in building the ambience of a room.

If you want to know how you can best use light fixtures to elevate your contemporary design,  here are a few surefire ways to do so.

Use a Statement Chandelier

Chandeliers have long been a spectacular example of how light fixtures can serve beyond  simple practical purposes. Why not use such a fixture to direct your guests’ eye line and  establish an immediate presence? With today’s technological advancements, there is virtually  no limit to how chandeliers are curated as art pieces.

Contrast Your Light With a Dark Frame

There is a wondrous visual effect created by using lighting fixtures that have dark-hued frames  or bodies. You can create sharp figures and contrasting focal pieces by going toward black  fixtures.

Incorporate Structural Fixtures

It can be all about form when it comes to lighting. It is then not so much about the light itself but  the fixture that carries it. Today, we see structural designs that turn simple lighting instruments  into contemporary art. You can even influence the angles and geometry that the room exudes  by using shapes to your advantage. In this case, the light only serves to enhance the beauty  and impact that your stylized fixture may impose.

Recreate the Golden Hour

There is an ever-present fascination that people have with emulating the golden hour. More  than a simple way to create nature in an artificial setting, it can arguably be because of the  psychological effects that are stimulated by the “magic” of the golden hour. Photographic Psychology says that people feel collective feelings of safety, warmth, and family when exposed  to a visual recreation of this hour.

Change up the entire feel of your space simply by leaning toward different warm light hues and  dark gold palettes for fixtures.

Create Shapes With Your Light

Whether you are going for a minimalist approach or a more avant-garde design, you can  establish the tone of your setting simply by managing shapes. Psychological studies have  proven that shapes can affect behavior and emotional responses.

By creating the right placement and using the intended shapes in your fixtures, you can already  dictate the immediate mood of the room.

Go Angular

This is one of the best ways to inject modernity into your interior design. Angular lighting makes  way for sleek designs with fierce angles. The great thing about angular lighting is that you can  create shadows to build contrast and manipulate the perceived space. It is also a great way to  bring out some finer details and highlight selected spots in your intended room.


Whether you get something bespoke or find a good-looking piece from a collection, you can  truly change the experience of a room with lighting fixtures. Modern lighting has come such a  long way that there is a vast sea of choices out there that match any interior aesthetic. You  simply have to make the bold move of making use of it.

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