7 Tips For A Luxury Kitchen Makeover

January 20, 2021

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but it needs regular touch-ups to look its best. Here are some suggestions for your luxury kitchen upgrade!

Improve Your Kitchen Cabinets

The drawer pulls and doorknobs contribute significantly to a cabinet’s aesthetic. Simply switching out your hardware can update the look of your entire space. If you’re after a high-end look, you can even remove all the knobs and pulls for a streamlined finish. Consider repainting your cabinet doors with high-gloss material or replacing it with glass doors, which provide a touch of glamour to your space.

Get Light Colours For The Room

Neutral or light colors are great to work with since they match other hues easily. They also hide imperfections like scratches and dents. If you’re repainting your cabinets, a light hue like cream or beige will help freshen them up.

Pick Light Fixtures Carefully

If you will splurge on one item in your renovations, make it the lighting. People tend to look up when entering a room, so it’s vital to choose dramatic or interesting lights that can be a room’s focal point. Put low pendants over dining tables or kitchen islands since these make your ceilings look taller. Install dimmer switches—dimmed lights are a quick way to give your room a beautiful atmosphere.

If You Have Space, Put Accent Pieces

Paintings are not just for the study, living rooms, or bedrooms. Artwork elevates any space where you put it. If you have a large blank wall, a big and bold art piece can make your kitchen look larger.

Luxury kitchens also depend on the details; accent pieces matter. If you have a breakfast nook, you can make it a little cozier and interesting by adding interesting toss cushions, a new tablecloth, or a fresh vase of flowers.

Use Stainless Steel Paint On Appliances

Instead of buying new appliances for your kitchen, give your appliances the spring cleaning treatment with stainless steel paint but make sure you hire a professional painter.

Keep Your Smaller Appliances From View

It is best to keep your coffee pot, toaster, blender, and other appliances behind solid wood or steel doors to maintain that high-end, minimalist look. If your kitchen opens into another room, make sure the adjacent room’s furniture flows with the design style of your kitchen. You do not want to create visually disjointed spaces.

Get A Luxury Kitchen For Your Home

A luxury kitchen makeover doesn’t have to be a complicated process. If you don’t know where to begin, you can get in touch with a firm that will manage the entire process for you.

Partner with Habitat by Aeon on your design and installation projects. We provide consulting and retail connection services for modern kitchen makeovers in Vancouver. Contact us today to learn more about our complete customization process!

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