8 Ways to Achieve a Beautiful Italian-Inspired Bathroom

April 7, 2021

The Italians are known for their elegant and sophisticated tastes when it comes to art and design. Over the centuries, they have cultivated a timeless, refined style that remains ever popular with homeowners, decorators, and interior designers.

If you are keen on bringing a bit of Italy into your home, one of the best places to do that is in your bathroom. Your choice of fittings and fixtures can turn a simple room into something classy and stunning.
Here are eight simple ways to achieve a beautiful Italian-inspired bathroom:

1. Add Texture

Most modern bathroom walls consist of tile and or marble, you can add wood textures to your cabinet and another bathroom décor.

2. Add Plants

You can give your bathroom a relaxing, natural vibe by putting living plants in strategic places. The bursts of green will cheer you up whenever you see them. Plants that require very little light to grow and live are the best choice for your bathroom.

3. Use Oval-Shaped Fittings

Oval bathtubs, basins, and pots are a fantastic way to make your bathroom look classy and elegant. Opting for an oval bathtub will not only elevate your aesthetic, but it will give you much more space for other bathroom features too.

4. Hexagonal Tiles

Unconventional tile designs can create a unique look to your entire bathroom. Hexagonal tiles with a simple pattern or neutral colors can help bring contemporary Italia into your space.

5. Slate Tiles

Another excellent choice for bathroom tiles, especially if your space is limited, is slate. Slate is a material favored by Italian designers, and it will give your bathroom a progressive, modern look.

6. Utilize Your Cabinet

Your cabinet can make a significant impact on the overall look of your bathroom. Experienced bathroom cabinet makers can help you achieve a modern Italian look through paint colors and cabinet hardware.

7. Coordinate Your Colours

As you consolidate your overall design and start choosing fixtures and décor, make sure you coordinate all the colors. If you are a minimalist at heart, neutrals can be calming to your eye. If you want to add some color make sure to choose shades of colors that work well together. By adding color that matches with wall paint, art, and towels will create a calming and cohesive space.

8. Do Not Forget the Toiletries

When you are finished picking out the tiles, wall colors, backsplash, and major fixtures do not forget to choose toiletries that will match your Italian aesthetic. Modern steel, wood, or a combination of both will only enhance the overall impact whenever someone enters your bathroom.

The Italian Aesthetic

Italians know their stuff when it comes to design. Italian-inspired fittings and accessories can enhance any space in your home, especially your bathroom. Simple choices such as additional textures, modern steel fittings, and Italian-inspired toiletries can take a simple room to the next level.

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