Consider These Kitchen Cabinet Designs for Your Renovation

January 18, 2023

Making some tough choices is necessary to achieve a bright, lovely kitchen. One of them, and possibly the one that offers the greatest return, is picking the appropriate cabinetry. Continue reading to find out why.

Choosing a kitchen cabinet design when you do not know your Shaker from your slab may easily become daunting. The sections below focus on what you need to know about kitchen cabinet styles so that you may choose the ideal fit for your house, saving you some of the worries.


Kitchen Cabinets: Framed vs. Frameless

Cabinet construction comes in two varieties: framed and frameless. Framed cabinets have an additional face frame where the doors and hinges meet at the front of the cabinet box. You can choose from full overlay, partial overlay, or inset doors when using framed cabinets.

The doors in overlay designs sit atop the cabinet frame. Inset cabinets have doors that fit flush against the cabinet frame when closed because they are recessed into the frame. Because they require more work to make a precise door and frame fit, inset offers a classic aesthetic but can be more expensive and provide a bit less storage.

Full overlay doors on frameless cabinets, which originated in Europe but have grown in favour in the U.S., are hinged to the cabinet box directly on the inside. Cabinets without frames often offer a more modern appearance and a little bit more room inside.

There are various popular door styles to pick from within those two categories of cabinet construction:


Shaker Style

The most popular cabinet door type is Shaker, which has simple, timeless lines and looks great in spaces with modern, transitional, or traditional aesthetics.

Shaker-style cabinets are cherished for their adaptability and timeless appearance, but cleaning them may be difficult since dirt and grime can gather on the interior of the frame. Even so, this kitchen chameleon will complement practically any style and look stylish for a very long time if you are okay with the maintenance.


Slab Doors

You probably think of slab cabinet doors when you picture a modern, sleek kitchen. This design of cabinets, also referred to as flat panel cabinets, is made of a single, smooth sheet of MDF, plywood, or wood. Flat panels come in a range of veneers and finishes, including natural wood tones and glossy white, grey, or coloured lacquer.

The plain cabinet front creates a clean background for statement hardware or looks elegant without any hardware on display. Flat panel cabinets are simpler to maintain clean than other cabinet types since there are no details or crevices to collect dust or cooking grease.


Classic Doors

Known for their warmth and classic appeal, traditional-style cabinets may produce a posh yet comfortable atmosphere. Traditional cabinets might be a wonderful option if you like a more formal design and want to add furniture-inspired elements like ornamental legs and corbels to your room.

Traditional cabinets typically have raised rather than flat centre panels and a warmer colour scheme, frequently wood tones. Additionally available are glazes and antique treatments. 

Traditional cabinetry frequently has arches, curving accents, or other flourishes, unlike the simpler, squared-off Shaker-style cabinet.


Glass Fronts

If you browse through the Instagram accounts of designers, you will probably see a ton of gorgeous kitchens with glass-front cabinets. A row of solid-door cabinets can be broken up by glass fronts, which can also be used to display a collection of lovely dishes, glasses, or decorative items.

Glass-front cabinets are not suitable for everyone. Glass doors are probably not for you if keeping your dishes neatly piled is not your style. Try integrating some mirrored cabinets in your kitchen design instead of using glass if you want the attractive detail and spacious look of glass without the stress.


Cabinet Design as an Important Part of Your Kitchen Renovation

Keep in mind that the cabinets should last for many years, so it is important to make sure that you are investing in quality pieces. The style, color, material, and features of the cabinets must be taken into account to ensure that they will suit your overall aesthetic. Ultimately, the right kitchen cabinet designs will add beauty, functionality, and value to your home.

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