Cooking Up The Right Design – 3 Most Popular Kitchen Layouts

October 14, 2020

Kitchens are every home’s non-negotiable aspects, especially if you’re someone passionate about creating scrumptious meals. If you’re looking to build your dream kitchen from scratch, however, various factors will come into play, particularly when it comes to kitchen layouts. Most kitchens operate in a traditional work triangle, one that separates the refrigerator from the sink and counters, thereby creating a practical area for cooking.

In the modern era, however, people now use kitchens as more than a cooking area—here, people now use these spaces as breakfast nooks, bars, and so much more. That said, the traditional zone has now been upgraded into better and more comfortable areas, to give way to people who now use kitchens as multi-purpose rooms.

If you’re looking for a more modern kitchen layout, workspace utilization is key. Depending on your cooking style, the amount of time you spend in each area, and your home’s available space, you have the option to choose from the most popular types:

1 – The Galley

The Galley is also referred to as the parallel kitchen, which is hailed as one of the most efficient kitchen designs. It’s best for small spaces, ensuring that the owner has enough space for working. The Galley kitchen is composed of two parallel walls, allowing a spacious walkway in between.

You’ll be able to design cabinets with ease, eliminating the need to accommodate corner storages and appliances. Everything is the opposite of each other, making everything easier to access. Your sink and the countertops can be placed on one side of the wall, whereas your cooking area can face the other.

A Closer Look: One of the best Galley design spaces available on the market today is Noblesse Oblige by Aster Cucine, perfectly depicting the compelling design parallel walls can offer.

2 – The U-Shaped

The U-shaped kitchen is also known as the horseshoe layout, comprising a whopping three walls of cabinets, which can also be used to house appliances. This layout is best for bigger homes, as well as those who spend most of their time in the kitchen. You’ll have access to more countertop space and cabinets, which does not affect the floor area needed to move around. With such an efficient design, you’ll be able to save on time and energy during your cooking sessions.

A Closer Look: The Atelier by Aster Cucine is one of the most compelling layouts for the U-shaped design, as it perfectly captures the flow and storage needed for the best experience.

3 – The L-Shaped

If you’re building a small family home, the L-shaped kitchen will be the most ideal choice. Despite your small floor space, you’ll have an area with two walls of cabinets and countertops, providing you with enough space left for appliances and the sink. If utilized properly, you’ll likely have extra space left, which can be used to create an island or a breakfast nook to enjoy with your friend and family.

A Closer Look: For the L-shaped kitchen layout, no one does it better than the Contempora by Aster Cucine. It encapsulates the flow necessary to make kitchens work at the optimal level, all the while incorporating art into the picture.

Brainstorming Kitchen Ideas With the Best Designers

Regardless if you’re building your home from scratch or are looking to renovate, a home is never complete without the presence of a good kitchen. it’s what keeps families bonded, as food produced in your home’s kitchen is the best thing one could possibly ever create. You’ll naturally want a kitchen that does not only deliver but feels like home, one where you can spend hours and hours, just lost in the bubbling of sauces and baking of pastries.

Kitchen layouts are aplenty, but the key is to choose one that best suits your home and your preferences. If you find yourself unable to decide on a single right kitchen design, allow our Italian designers to help. Habitat By Aeon manages, designs, and installs projects for residential homes, so we’ll help ensure your kitchen renovation or construction succeeds. We serve Lower Mailand, British Columbia. Reach out to us today.

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