Food for the Soul – 2 Kitchen Design Rules to Make It Work

September 30, 2020

Shopping for your kitchen appliances is one thing, but designing your home is another story. While you need the entire equipment to create the best dishes, how your kitchen is presented plays a crucial role in making it feel special.

The appliances you choose make it functional, but what makes it your space—your sanctuary—will be how you design it. This breathes life into every tile and countertop, and selecting the right kitchen model should transcend just the normal.

To learn more about your kitchen’s potential and why a redesign is paramount to getting your home space just right, here’s a quick and easy guide for you.

The Significance of a Kitchen Renovation

Choosing the right kitchen design is the first place to start, and the options are endless. Modern and contemporary boast of sleek lines and vibrant tones, where visual clutter remains behind the cabinets for an entirely polished look. In other words, those pots and pans need to be tucked safely away in the right places.

As you design your kitchen, make sure to keep two principles in mind: contrast and balance. Contrast pertains to your choice of colours and embellishments, while balance should pertain to the shapes and outlines you choose to create. A modern and contemporary kitchen is always creative, thinking outside the box and yet keeping practicality in mind. In other words, creativity is paramount.

Getting the Recipe Right: Two Simple Rules

While the idea of hitting the hallmarks of kitchen design can seem daunting, bear in mind that there are ways to make it seem a little less stressful. Achieving a cohesive and comfortable space can be entirely possible, especially if you’re equipped with the right resources.

Whether you’re trying to perfect your kitchen cabinet designs or looking to remodel your entire cooking space, here are two simple rules to get your kitchen design recipe right:

Rule #1: Select a focal object and build the rest from there

Getting things perfect can be difficult, so leave the idea of perfection out the door. Your goal is to make a kitchen space that you love, so focus on finding pieces that exude your taste and preferences. Statement pieces like custom European kitchen cabinets can be a good place to start, and you can build your room around it.

From there, it will be easy to find other furniture pieces and appliances that match. In the case of European kitchen cabinets, the rest of your kitchen can be monochromatic and modern, playing with lines and geometric shapes. A brutalist interior approach can also work, topped with big house plants and herb pots on kitchen countertops. For a truly sleek design, go for granite or marble countertops, such as the Brera Academy by Aster Cucine.

Rule #2: Don’t be afraid of colour

The age of minimalism has caused the role of colour to be shunned, but what many do not realize is that colour brings so much value to space. It helps set a specific mood, as well as accent already existing pieces of furniture.

As you make a list of the pieces you wish to purchase, make sure to take your colour palette into account. You’ll have to consider the contrast that your appliances, cabinets, countertops, and lighting may bring into your kitchen—these places tend to bear a lot of visual impact in modern and contemporary kitchens, as can be seen by Aster Cucine’s Contempora.

Using a single colour palette with the right pops of colour can help you set a room up perfectly, and the 70/20/10 rule can help in balancing the colours in a modern kitchen. Using this rule requires you to identify the main colour that will take up 70% of the kitchen. Then, allot 10% to certain pops of colour in the kitchen to provide refreshing contrasts. Finally, pick a mediating colour that will balance the others, and this should take up 20% of the kitchen’s colour scheme.

What Else to Keep in Mind

In this day and age, saying yes to custom spaces is the way to go. Your house is your own, and to live your best life, allow your creative juices to flow freely—if that takes an entirely different kitchen, embrace the impulse.

As you go through with your custom kitchen design plans, make sure to keep contrast and balance in mind, along with our two rules. Don’t let the pressure of perfection cause you to miss out on making your kitchen sanctuary happen, though—if you need a helping hand, all you ever need to do is ask!

If you’re on the hunt for the best and most sophisticated kitchen ideas, Habitat by Aeon has you covered. We design and install projects for various clients in Vancouver and surrounding areas, ensuring that every corner of your home falls according to your needs and preferences. Allow our Italian designers to turn your kitchen into one that you’ll love and adore. Reach out to us today.

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