How Does Lighting Affect the Mood in Every Room of Your Home?

February 9, 2022

The proper use of lighting within your home can affect your sleep and even your mood. So how  does lighting affect the mood in every part of your room?  

Why Lighting Is Important in Your Home ?

Lighting is one of the most important factors in controlling mood in every room of your home.  Some studies revealed that colours of light could affect the mood of a person for example,  yellow light can make a person feel like they are energized, while red shade light can make a  person feel relaxed.  

This is known as the warm colours of light, which is helpful in low light conditions such as  basements. Those colours can make a person feel relaxed 

When you are designing your home to achieve the best mood-setting, you need to put things  into consideration, such as the use of LED lights that are available in a wide variety of colours  and levels of brightness. In that way, you create the right mood lighting specific to each room in  your home.  

What Kind of Lights Go to Each Room as Part of the Mood Lighting  Living Room  

The living room is a place where you can have fun with your family. The lighting settings in this room should be inviting and warm.  

The best kind of lighting that can facilitate a family activity is natural light. If you do not have a lot  of natural light in your living room, you can place functional lamps strategically around the room to provide light for the whole room. 

Dining Room  

The dining room is the place where you share meals and hearty conversations with your family.  

An easy way to achieve the mood lighting in the dining room is by using dimmer lights. It is also  recommended that you have a chandelier in this room to add a touch of elegance.


The bathroom is not only used for bathing and cleaning but it can also be used as a relaxation  space.  

The best kind of lighting in this room is natural light. You need to make sure that your bathroom windows are big enough to allow sunlight to penetrate the room. If you do not have natural light coming into your bathroom. You will need proper lighting for evenings as well. A combination of wall sconces near the mirror, overhead lighting and under cabinet lighting will create a room that is functional as well as inviting.  


The bedroom is the place where you sleep, relax, and even read. It is a place where you want to  feel comfortable and where you recharge your energy. The lighting you need in this room  should be dimmable. 

A chandelier, table lamps and recessed lighting are a great combination for a bedroom.  Recessed lighting can be used to accent your art or headboard. Lamps can add the soft light for  reading and a chandelier can add beauty to the space.  


Lighting is a crucial factor in any design plan. Consider always using multiple lighting sources in  order to create the most functional and perfect lighting for each area of your home. 

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