How to Choose between Ceiling Lights and Wall Lights at Home

February 1, 2023

Homeownership is a responsibility because you must ensure your home must be comfortable to live in. For this reason, various fixtures are installed to ensure the home is safe and efficient. One example is lighting, which is essential because it allows you to see everything in your home and helps you to move around safely. There are two types of lighting fixtures you can use: ceiling lights and wall lights.

Ceiling and wall lights provide different levels of light and set the tone of a room. As their names suggest, ceiling lights are mounted on the ceiling, while wall lights are mounted on walls. They come in different shapes and sizes, directly influencing their illumination levels and the ambience of a space. However, the tricky part is choosing between the two because each has its advantages and disadvantages. To help you with this, we will discuss the details in this article.

The Price Difference

Regarding price, ceiling lights are usually more expensive than wall lights. Depending on the design and size, ceiling lights can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, especially since design comes into play. On the other hand, wall lights are usually cheaper and can cost between a few dollars to a few hundred dollars.

Ceiling lights are also more expensive to install than wall lights because they need to be wired in and are usually placed in the center of the room, which can require additional wiring. On the other hand, wall lights are typically installed on existing electrical circuits and can be placed anywhere.

When to Choose Ceiling Lights

Generally, ceiling lights are appropriate in most settings, such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. They provide more general lighting, making them an excellent choice for larger rooms and open spaces. Ceiling lights can also create ambient lighting, providing a soft, diffused light that creates a relaxing atmosphere.

For commercial buildings, ceiling lights are also a great choice as they provide a larger coverage area and can be used to create a uniform lighting level throughout the space. The same applies to hallways and foyers because they create an inviting atmosphere.

When to Choose Wall Lights

Wall lights may be versatile, but this is a double-edged sword because it can be tricky to determine where they are best used. Generally, wall lights are best used in smaller spaces or to highlight specific features or areas. For example, wall lights can draw attention to artwork or other decorative pieces. They can also provide task lighting for reading or other activities.

In commercial spaces, wall lights are often used to provide accent lighting or to highlight specific areas. For example, they may create an inviting atmosphere in hallways or draw attention to merchandise in a retail store.

Considerations When Choosing Lights

Whether you choose ceiling or wall lights, you must ensure they provide ample illumination to the space. With this in mind, there are certain factors to consider when choosing lighting fixtures, such as:


Consider the purpose of the light. For example, task lighting is best for areas where you need to focus on specific tasks, such as a desk or a workbench. Ambient lighting, on the other hand, is best for the general illumination of a room.

Heat Load

Heat load refers to the amount of heat produced by the light fixture. You must consider this because too much heat can cause damage to the fixture itself and create an uncomfortable environment. Heat load is determined by the bulb’s wattage and size of the fixture, so choose one that is appropriate for the wattage and size of the bulb you are using.


When choosing a light fixture, consider the design of the space you are lighting. You want the fixture to complement the room’s other elements and create the desired look. Think about the size, shape, and colour of the fixture and how it will look in the room.


Light fixtures require maintenance, and different fixtures require different upkeep levels. Most light fixtures require minimal maintenance, but other fixtures, particularly the bigger ones, might require more frequent cleaning and bulb replacements.


Above all else, you must get your money’s worth when purchasing a light fixture. There are a variety of light fixtures on the market ranging from inexpensive models to high-end designer pieces. Generally, the more expensive the fixture, the higher the quality of materials and illumination it offers.


Choosing between ceiling and wall lights will be tricky, but research and carefully considering your needs and preferences is all it takes. There are many choices, so you can find the perfect light fixtures for your home. When you do, your home will be much brighter and more inviting.

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