How to Create an Expensive-Looking Kitchen for Your Home

November 17, 2021

Since your kitchen is one of your home’s most often used areas, why not make it a place you  like spending time in a lot? You can change your food preparation area into a luxurious-looking  space you can be proud of.

Below are ways you can enhance your kitchen’s appearance and make it a place that you, your  family, and your friends can enjoy no matter the time of day.

1. Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Tidy

Kitchens that homeowners keep clean and well-maintained look more expensive.  Even if it is a busy place where food preparation happens, it is not an excuse to leave the kitchen unkempt.

Put some fresh flowers and a scented diffuser to create a mood in the space, making it a more  pleasant area for you and your family and guests.

Sort through your kitchen items and discard anything that is broken or expired. You can choose some pieces to display on open shelves, like plate sets or maybe some plants to bring life into your space.

2. Choose the Best Lighting

A kitchen needs to be bright and inviting. You can splurge a little on unique drop lights or even  chandeliers to boost the look of your space. There are energy-efficient lighting fixtures that still  look classy and can match your design theme well.

A lamp can also brighten up a dull corner. You can place mini lights behind your open shelves  or underneath kitchen cabinets to add lighting detail to your kitchen.

3. Hang Some Artwork

Do not limit artwork in your living room. In fact, you can choose to display some for the kitchen  as well. To preserve your artwork, you can frame them first and even match it with the decor of  your space. You can also choose printables, family photographs, travel souvenirs, or food themed images that can add more detail to your kitchen walls.

4. Organize a Bar

A well-designed bar area can elevate a kitchen’s appearance. A crystal decanter, exquisite  stemware, and bar accessories add to the luxury the space possesses.

Set aside a small drawer for cocktail napkins, paper straws, and coasters.

5. Pick the Best Kitchen Appliances and Products

Splurge on energy-efficient kitchen appliances. Modern appliances have a sleek look that can easily make any kitchen look more expensive.

6. Redesign Your Kitchen Space

If you have the budget, you can redesign your kitchen and upgrade its look. Go for a  streamlined appearance with accent pieces, like a bronze sink and fixtures or even a colored  stove.

If possible, add more windows in your kitchen to bring in natural light. Place some live plants like  a mini herb garden on your kitchen island or open shelves near your windows.

You can also replace your dining ware to match the aesthetics of your design. Install a breakfast  nook or island so whenever you have family gatherings or parties, your kitchen can become an  extended area for guests.

You can try unique design styles that effortlessly add luxury to your space:

Luxury Glam: Luxury Glam is an intimate creative mood that adds a touch of  glamour to your kitchen space. You can use playful combinations of gold and silver,  gloss finishes, and mirrors, with luxurious surfaces and precious woods to add more  charm.

Classic Opera: Classic Opera is all about design and poetry, with masterful strokes  and materials that evoke the soft, velvet invitations of surfaces crying out to be  touched. The Opera’s perfect look is suffused with the highest level of technical  excellence.

Contemporary: Contemporary design uses wood and other natural materials to give  your kitchen a sleek, minimalist design for a modern look.

Luxury Kitchens are the New Trend

Luxury kitchens combine beauty, elegance, and functionality. They raise the bar with textures  that contrast and raw materials, sharp details, and polished metals that provide drama. They are  for the connoisseur, who is not scared to be different and prefers to establish their own way.

Luxury kitchens are the latest fashion trend, with several fashion labels creating kitchens that  speak a different language.

At Habitat by Aeon, we specialize in building a luxury kitchen for any house in Canada, North  America, and Europe. For more details, call, email, or visit our habitat showroom today!

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