Some Notable Features That Modern Master Bathrooms Must Have

March 1, 2023

More than just a location to get ready for the day, your master bathroom should serve as a tranquil retreat.

The convenience of a master bedroom with its own attached bathroom used to be considered extravagant. The master bathroom of today can be transformed into a relaxing spa experience thanks to advances in technology and design. 

That said, we compiled some of the essential elements for your ideal bathroom to help you get started on your remodel or new home design.


  • Double Sinks

It is already difficult enough to be in a relationship without having to deal with the added stress of sharing a sink. Like having “your” side of the bed, having your own sink with lots of counter space surrounding it may be very fulfilling and cozy.


  • In-Floor Radiant Heat

Putting bare feet on a tile floor first thing in the morning is the worst possible way to start the day. Furthermore, the environmental friendliness of radiant heating is enhanced because it is so much more efficient than conventional forced air systems. The United States Department of Energy recommends installing radiant floor heating with either electric tubes or loops of tubes pumping hot water.


  • Integrated Led Vanity Lighting

The GB Group produces mirrors with dimmable LED lights built in. No more unattractive angles or dark corners thanks to the movable light fixture that can be set to accommodate people of varying heights.


  • Open Shower

Luxury and sophistication are exuded by a curbless shower, which also increases the value of your home. Showering with MOMA Design’s 100-point showerhead illuminated by coloured light generated by optical fibres will be like doing so under a starry sky, thanks to the glass enclosures that provide a feeling of openness in the bathroom.


  • Sauna or Steam Shower

Even in warm regions, a sauna or steam shower is a welcome addition to the master suite. Although they look like top-of-the-line luxury items, the cost of installing a sauna designed for two is likely to be far lower than you may expect.


  • Separate Soaking Tub

Whilst you may like your open shower on a regular basis, there are occasions when a long soak is more appropriate. Separate from the toilet and shower, a deep soaking tub is a must-have in every dream master bathroom. Both the freestanding and the built-in varieties of these tubs benefit from having an extra deep design that leaves room on the rim for aromatherapy amenities.


  • Separate Water Closet

Even married couples have private matters they would rather not discuss with each other in the restroom. Pocket doors concealing the bathroom are worth their weight in marriage therapy if you’re strapped for square footage.


  • Space-Age Toilet

Heated chairs, bidet features, an integrated air dryer, mood lighting, and a music player are just a few of the amenities that the Japanese and Google employees have enjoyed in their high-tech restrooms. The most modern Toto toilets are exclusively available in Japan, but the Washlet S300, which cleans itself and has separate memory settings for two users, is available in the United States.


  • Touchless Faucet with Built-in Soap Dispenser

Nowadays, touchless faucets can be found in many different settings, not simply public restrooms. Several industry leaders in the production of bathroom fixtures now supply a variety of touchless models. Check out Delta’s Touch2O series, which features touchless control and an LED light at the faucet’s base to display the current water temperature. As an additional service, Delta provides a variety of electronic soap dispensers for use in the bathroom and kitchen.


  • Wall-Mounted Heated Towel Rack

Towel warmers hung on the wall are commonplace in European bathrooms but are just catching on in the United States. Towel warmers are useful in cold areas because they keep towels toasty, and towel dryers are useful in wet conditions because they keep towels dry and odour-free.



Modern bathrooms must have a variety of features in order to meet the needs of homeowners. Some of the most notable features include touchless faucets, a large vanity area, comfortable space-age toilets, and a spacious shower area. By incorporating these features into your bathroom design, you can create a functional and stylish space.


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