The Difference Between Traditional and Modern Italian Kitchen Design

February 17, 2021

Italian design has several distinct elements, For some, it is rustic and full of warm countryside charm and for others, it is a modern, innovative, and sleek design style that only luxury designers can make. Understanding how these two quintessentially Italian designs differ from one another will allow you to choose which one is best for your home kitchen. Here are the main differences between traditional and modern Italian kitchen designs.

Traditional Italian Design 

The first word that comes to traditional Italian design is rustic. It typically includes outdoor and natural elements such as terracotta, stone, dried leaves and flowers, and wood. 

Choosing the traditional Italian look for your kitchen will require a conscious effort not to use anything that looks sleek or modern. Lighting fixtures can be done with wrought-iron chandeliers, but that does not mean it has to be old-fashioned. Add a twist to your rustic kitchen by using shiny, contemporary styles for your lighting fixtures.

Go for a relatively warm color scheme, filled with yellows and oranges reminiscent of sunsets. It also works to add a touch of blue and a hint of green for some contrast and incorporate elements of the sea. 

Your floors and furniture should incorporate some outdoor elements into your indoor space.  Floors are best made out of a natural material, such as hardwood, stone, or ceramic tiles. Your kitchen would not be complete without a large wooden table that everybody can gather around,  too. Do not forget to accessorize with bright dishes, antiques, and pottery to complete the look of your kitchen.  

Modern Italian Design

Another hallmark of Italian design is its modernity and sophistication—precisely the principles embodied by Habitat by Aeon. If you visualize the architecture and fashion in Italy and its sleek look, you will likely have an idea of modern Italian design. Certain aspects of contemporary interior designs are also gaining recognition outside of Italy, not least of which is the beautiful and modern kitchen design.  

Integrated appliances are recessed into streamlined and slick designs with no unnecessary accessories. Modern Italian kitchen design is all about function and style. For those looking for accessible kitchens, the modern design would work best for your home.  

Applying the Principle to a Key Kitchen Feature: Cabinets

One of the most defining features of an Italian kitchen is its cabinets. This is especially true for the modern style, where form meets function in every corner of the kitchen. To make sure you  choose the right design for your kitchen, here are some characteristics to keep an eye out for: 

  • Modern Italian cabinets are typically unparalleled in beauty and elegance, using high gloss lacquer, matt lacquer, wood veneers, and metal.  
  • Traditional cabinets have cabinets with thick wood cut into straight, sleek styles and wood beams are exposed for a more natural touch in the kitchen. 
  • Traditional kitchen cabinets feature natural colors of Italy, such as ochers, terracotta’s,  blues, and whites.  
  • Modern designs will usually cover surfaces with reflective glass to show off cooking appliances and stainless steel equipment found in luxurious kitchens. 

In The End  

People feel most at home in the kitchen because it is where everybody comes together for food,  cooking, and conversation. By designing the kitchen with the right combination of style, function,  and accessibility you will have a comfortable space where everyone will enjoy! 

At Habitat by Aeon, we manage the design and installation of residential, multi-family condominium, and hospitality projects. We create luxurious custom designs for your home’s specifications with the best Italian designers on board for top-quality results. For modern kitchen cabinets in your luxurious kitchen, browse our lines today.  





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