The Truth Behind Red Doors – And Why Your Home Needs It

October 28, 2020

The usual bravado of modern homes come in sleek and elegant designs, with colour palettes consisting of monochrome shades. For the vibrant souls, however, pops of colours are always welcome. One of the most popular interpretations of a colourful home lies right at the entrance—front doors. Red front doors, to be exact. These bold doors stand out in a sea of other houses, as the cherry colours fair well against brick exteriors. They do exceptionally well with wreaths and all forms of plants, an investment that comes in handy during the holidays.

A red front door adds appeal like no other, as it is a touch of personality that is seemingly scant in the modern home. Red front doors, however, come with lore and magic, as it symbolizes various concepts.

Before calling your designer to paint your doors rose red, keep in mind that a little knowledge goes a long way. Here’s how the rest of the world sees red doors:

A Belief of Luck

The Chinese culture is composed of various beliefs and superstitions, but they regard various shades of red heavily. For one, they believe that red can fight the evil away, keeping luck and good health intact. From the Chinese viewpoint of the interior design world, painting your doors red can ward off unwelcome spirits, keeping your home happy, healthy, and financially stable.

As the gateway of feng shui, having your front door in the shade of pure goodness means a happy home life. In essence, you light the fire of positive energy, abundance, and opportunity, both in the home and personal life. It can also ignite feelings of passion and motivation, keeping the fire in your spirit well and thriving.

If that’s something you’d want your home to be, bring out the paint cans—it may be high time for a makeover. Boiserie doors make for some of the best front doors, and can keep a good coat of red looking sophisticated and unique.

A Symbol of Homecoming

In the Land of the Free, red doors mean that a home is warm and welcoming, a safe place for weary travellers to rest their tired bones and feed their animal companions. Red doors allowed homeowners to signify that they were hospitable, a sign of inclusion that screams a desire to be part of a community.

Today, the colour remains to exude the welcoming energy of warmth. It remains to be a symbol of invitation, one that will help your guests feel safe and sound. If you’re someone who enjoys hosting parties and other gatherings, a cherry red door can add to the appeal. Not only can it be a conversation starter, but it also lets people know where exactly your home is—in the sea of oak doors, yours will be painted red!

Choosing a Red Front Door
A red front door continues to be a culmination of various beliefs and cultures, most of which are positive connotations you’d want your home to emulate and reflect. By painting your front doors red, you allow feelings of protection and safety to adorn your home, along with love, warmth, and even luck. There’s nothing quite like the hues of red, and the mere lore of fortune is enough to draw people in.

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