Use These Types of Lighting to Transform Your Common Spaces

August 4, 2021

Lighting is a significant aspect of interior design, setting the mood of a room and contributing to its overall look. Most people think they must choose between form and function, and that lighting a space well means installing bright lights or bulbs.

That is far from the truth—while fluorescent lights are great for utility areas, there are many other ways to illuminate areas like your living room, den, or other shared spaces. Whether you are decorating with traditional styles or modern lighting, here are some ideas to help you get started.

Recessed Ceiling Lights Add a Soft Glow

You can brighten a common area easily with recessed ceiling lights. Spread them out evenly to keep the lighting constant throughout the room or focus on specific places to highlight focal points like walls or furniture. You can also use recessed and cove lighting together to enhance the lighting of a space. Always layer with this type of lighting—only having recessed lights in your room makes it look too dull.

For Modern Builds, Use Suspended Lights

Suspended lights can look subdued and classic or fresh and futuristic, depending on how you style your interiors. Once you have taken care of general illumination, you can use this type to set the mood or draw attention to specific parts of a room. You can put this modern lighting solution everywhere and pair them with round or angular diffusers, but be sure you do not overdo it—with these types of lights, less is undoubtedly more.

Make a Statement With Wall Lighting

It’s easy to discount wall lighting as strictly functional lighting that illuminates hallways and other dimmer spaces. However, they can be used to make a statement, too. This type of lighting can be found in a variety of designs. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern, you can use a particularly stand-out fixture as a focal point instead of just a way to improve the light situation of a room.

Use Pendant Lights for Tasks

Pendant lights hang from a chain or rod connected to the ceiling. You can use this type to brighten up zones or dark corners. Pendant lights are great as task lighting; it focuses the illumination on a small area. You can also use this type to make nooks or corners conducive to reading and conversations. If your space has a TV monitor or computer screen, though, steer clear from this type—it bounces light off of reflective surfaces.

Sensor Lights: Best for Toddlers and Seniors

If you have older relatives or small children, sensor lights are a good option. Keep them close to the passageway and walls so that people can find their way through the halls in the dark. Place them at the height of six to eight feet, nothing more—they should be close enough so they can detect movement.

Chandeliers Are Best for High Ceilings

There are various types of chandeliers today for different styles of homes. Chandeliers add a stylish touch to any space. They also become the focal point of any room they are in, and they will surely make a bold statement.

Tried and True: Floor Lamps

You can use a floor lamp anywhere in your living room. Fit one beside a sofa, in a tight corner beside a desk, or anywhere you have extra space. Floor lamps are versatile lighting that you can move around. They are also great for anchoring coffee corners or book nooks. Table lamps are a must in any room, they add another layer of lighting and are a great decorative feature in every room.


Create a cohesive look for your spaces by incorporating combinations of these different types of fixtures. If you do not know where to start, consulting with designers will get you on the right track.

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