What Makes Italian Interior Design the Way It Is Today

June 15, 2022

If one country is known for its excellent taste, culture, and style, it is Italy! Whether food, clothes, cars, handbags or even local furniture stores, you can be sure that it will be good when you see the Made in Italy label. Interior design is one area where this is true (you might not have known about it until now). As you will learn in this article, Italian interiors are just as stylish as everything else from that fine country, boasting all the signs of taste and refinement that anyone familiar with Italian fashion will already be aware of.

How Italian Interior Design Came About

We can thank the Roman Empire for its strong influence on modern Italian interior design. While they were out building empires and putting Romans at the forefront of innovation for roads and aqueducts, they were also at home, playing their favourite hobby of designing!

This was not to say that comfort and utility did not have their place; Romans prized beauty just as practicality. The ornate architectural details that lent an air of elegant splendour to Roman homes were only one design aspect. Their practical interiors were meant to be just as comfortable and functional, as seen in:

• Their inclination towards spacious, well-lit homes is an example.
• Decorating with natural materials is another.

Ancient Elements That Influenced the Modern

Nowadays, a few shifts are still anchored on ancient design trends. Let us look at these unique characteristics that have left their mark even today:

• A preference for large spaces: Visit their plazas, retail outlets, or even local furniture stores, and you will understand what we mean. They leave a huge room for walking. Even if you visit cozy, quaint Italian homes, residents are capable of turning these tiny dwellings into airy mini mansions! This is due to their clever arrangement of light, furniture, and interior features!

• A multipurpose kitchen: Their preference for roomy areas has also affected the kitchen! While it should be a place where it is easy to create feasts for the family, it is now also a place to socialize and relax! This is more important than before: back in the day, they used to reserve the kitchen for cooking only. Now they see it as an extension of the living room, where comfort is greater!

After cooking sumptuous meals, Italians gather to eat their delicious food in the dining room, which could be a small nook in your kitchen or an offshoot of your lounge. No matter what, your dining area should be a place of high honour in your home.

• Smaller, multipurpose furniture: Simple Italian homes can also maximize space due to a preference for smaller, multifunctional furnishings! The modern Italian home has given up on decorating its surroundings, preferring to fill its spaces with storage cabinets and closets.

This does not mean that furniture is no longer necessary; instead, it has been forced to justify its place in the home. For example, a sofa that turns into a bed or an easy chair with storage bulges that fit neatly into the arms and base of the chair!


Italian interior design works best with homeowners who want to make a large space even roomier or turn a cozy dwelling into a small mansion. Contact Habitat by Aeon today if you need help from local furniture stores regarding this style. We design, install, and sell furniture, specializing in Italian interior design. Go to our website to view our portfolio or talk to us about your next home project!

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